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Rush Limbaugh gives a dire warning to his listeners: ‘Don’t be fooled by fact-checks’

On the September 28 edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show, host Rush Limbaugh gave a dire warning to his listeners about the left’s latest tactic: fact-checking.

“This fact-check technique is the latest,” Limbaugh started out. “Let me tell you what it really is.”

“There is no fact-checking,” he declared.

“The fact that The New York Times, and The Washington Post, and USA Today, and all these other papers and networks now have fact-checkers is for one reason. It allows them to fool you into thinking they have an objective, nonpartisan staff or person analyzing everything the candidates are saying, and telling you what they’re saying is true, or what they’re saying is false.”

Limbaugh then basically admitted that reality does indeed have a liberal bias.

“When in fact the fact-checkers are no different than the biased left-leaning reporters and columnists at these papers and on networks. But the fact-check, the idea that it is a fact-check story is designed to say to you that it is objective and analytically fair, and all it is, is a vehicle for them to do opinion journalism under the guise of fairness. Which, if you fall for it, gives it even more power, because if you think that the fact-checkers like PolitiFact or Snopes, or whoever else, if you quote them constantly as the Bible, well then you’ve fallen for it.”

Listen to the audio below, via Media Matters:



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