Russian military official tells soldier who lost a leg in Ukraine: ‘I hope you get back on your feet’

A video shared by the Moscow bureau chief of the Financial Times shows Russian deputy defense minister Yunus-Bek Evkurov visiting a Russian soldier in a hospital bed who lost his leg during fighting in Ukraine. At one point, Evkurov wishes him well in a slightly awkward fashion.

The video shows Evkurov pin a medal for valor/heroism on the soldier’s hospital gown before making small talk, asking the soldier where he’s from, about his family, and his military specialty.

“I hope you’ll get back on your feet,” Evkurov says.

While the Russian military enjoys numerical military superiority over Ukraine, it has struggled against against Western-supplied anti-tank weapons and Turkish-made drones being utilized by Ukrainian forces. “Poor logistical support, questionable tactics and growing evidence of poor morale among Russian battalion tactical groups have allowed the Ukrainian military to hold off Russian advances in several regions — and begin to take the fight to the enemy,” CNN reports.

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