Sanders slams the GOP’s war record: ‘You can’t keep track’ of all the wars they want

On Thursday, Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, hot from a recent win in Indiana, reminded everybody about the GOP’s foreign policy track record when it comes to war.

“You can’t keep track of the number of wars they want to get us into,” Sanders said speaking about the GOP at a campaign rally in Morgantown, West Virginia. “They want to go there, they want to go there, they want to go there…”

With Donald Trump almost guaranteed the Republican nomination, Sanders’ war predictions might hold some water.

“It goes without saying that ISIS must not only be defeated, ISIS must destroyed. But the United States military should not be sucked into a never-ending perpetual war.”

Sanders brought up the Iraq war fought during the Bush Administration as an example of the costly foreign policy record of the GOP.

“The most important foreign policy decision in our country’s modern history was the war in Iraq,” he said. “I knew there were kids in my own state and here in West Virginia who would go off to that war and not come back. I not only voted against the war, I lead the opposition.”

Sanders went on to talk about the U.S.’s poor record of dealing with veterans, saying that people who come back from war should have the best care.

“We have a moral obligation to make sure that every veteran that has served our country gets the healthcare and benefits that they need.”

With Sanders’ win in Indiana over Hilary Clinton in the Indiana primary, he has vowed to win the Democratic Nomination even though Clinton is leading by 6 percentage points along with pledged delegates and super delegates, according to RealClearPolitics.

The West Virginia Democratic Primary is on May 10, 2016.

[The Hill] Featured image: Will King (Flickr)

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