Sandy Rios: Beyoncé’s ‘black racism and lawlessness’ is a precursor to the ‘Antichrist’

Far-right radio host Sandy Rios took extreme exception to Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and called her an anti-white racist whose “lawlessness” could bring about the End Times reign of the Antichrist.

Image via The New Civil Rights Movement

GOP talking heads, religious organizations, and politicians alike were outraged over Sunday’s Super Bowl haft-time show featuring multi-platinum recording artist Beyonce paying tribute to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

But far-right radio host Sandy Rios took extreme exception to Beyonce’s performance and called her an anti-white racist whose “lawlessness” could bring about the End Times reign of the Antichrist.

“It’s just in-your-face black racism and also cop hatred,” Rios said.

According to Right Wing Watch, Rios who broadcasts on the American Family Radio network, said that Beyonce has become “more and more hard, hard, hard and crass, crass, crass.”

“This video that they have produced and released just before the Super Bowl, I guess the song she performed, it’s called ‘Formation,’ I watched it, it’s just disgusting to me,” Rios said.

“It’s not only stoking the fires of racism, just stoking hatred, black hatred towards whites and towards policemen, it’s also just crass sexually. It’s like you need a bath. What is this beautiful girl doing, doing this?”

She then turned her attention to the NFL for agreeing to the musical piece and shamed them for “honoring murder” and anti-American propaganda.

“Of course, if we undermine the law and order of our country, we will, and probably are, descending into lawlessness, and those of us that understand scripture know that that is a sign of the Last Days,” she said.

“The Man of Lawlessness will reign. Lawlessness, the breakdown in respect and honor. And so Beyoncé, who could be such an example to women everywhere, and I don’t care black or white, conducting herself with dignity with all that God has given her, her beauty and her natural talents, instead twisting it into something that is very ugly and very profane.”

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    Harold Clapsaddle

    February 10, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    Note to evangelicals: Please *read* the book that you are using as a guide to determine when the “end times” will arrive. The signs of the Last Days are, in order: Deception; War; Famine; Pestilence; National Captivity; and finally the stars fall from the sky. Those are just first sixth the “seven seals”. Then the seventh seal is broken, and things get really bad from then on. Nowhere in this mythology is there any mention of Beyoncé. If you want to predict the Apocalypse, please ask a Millerites how well that works out.

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    February 11, 2016 at 7:05 am

    Rios gives all new meaning to the word CUNT.

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