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‘Santa Barbara Karen’ goes from 0 to racist when she realizes a Black man is recording her

A video posted to Reddit shows an argument between a restaurant owner and an apparently enraged woman in Santa Barbara, California, which took an ugly turn as soon as the woman realized a Black man was recording her with his cellphone camera.

The video starts with the woman arguing with the restaurant worker over a rejected payment when she turns to the man and says, “Hi, one of four Black men in Santa Barbara.”

“Oh, now I’m a racist terrible person, oh, sorry,” the woman says to the man. “Just because you’re an obnoxious guy, it’s not your fault that you’re Black, of course.”

“Again, what are you doing?” the woman continues.

“Taking a video of this,” the man responds. “This is absolutely ridiculous.”

“You’re pretty rude, and I don’t even know what’s going on,” the man adds.

“I might go psychotic pretty soon,” the woman says. “I’m probably going to get pretty violent pretty soon, thank God you’re here.”

“Cool, keep going,” the man responds.

And that, she did.

Watch the full video below:

Santa Barbara Karen loses it on restaurant owner then breaks 4th wall to let everyone know she’s racist from PublicFreakout

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