Sarah Palin probably doesn’t want this photo to go viral

A reader of the news site Mediaite shared an interesting photo of Sarah Palin taken during her recent trip to Las Vegas.

In the photo, Palin holds up a sign along with two other men that reads, “Fuc_ You Michael Moore,” with the two Os in Moore’s name replaced with crosshairs.

palin photo

One of the men, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, posted another photo of the same moment to his Facebook page, asking his followers to make it go viral.


From Mediaite:

On the surface, this photograph seems rather innocuous. But with Palin constantly teasing the possibility that she will one day, maybe, possibly run for office, that’s when you realize a picture like this shows just how poorly she thinks of optics.

In a political culture where every public and private decision becomes fair game for campaign fodder, it’s probably not the brightest decision to so openly endorse a poster like that. (Not that the famously “rogue” Palin really cares, seeing as her personal life has been heavily scrutinized for political purposes since summer 2008.) But having been put through the ringer by the media for her infamous “crosshairs” image after the 2011 Gabrielle Giffords shooting (however unjustified), you’d think she’d be more cautious.

Former Mediaite contributor and conservative pundit Noah Rothman summed up the photo best with this tweet:

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