Sarah Palin’s pro-Trump plea to Wisconsin voters involves a dead hog for some weird reason

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently posed with dead hog and posted the photograph to Facebook to encourage Wisconsin voters to turn out for the GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

A Facebook post on Sunday from Sarah Palin showed the half-term governor and Trump propagandist caressing a dead hog with her rifle up front and center.

“Faith of America is in you to take us forward on Tuesday,” she wrote to Wisconsin voters. “[R]emain strong and independent of the status quo political establishment so your vote will truly represent your optimistic spirit and desire to WORK!”

According to Palin, the GOP’s “establishment agenda” was the downfall of the Republican Party when it lost of the state of Wisconsin in the 2012 presidential election.

“Hardworking Wisconsinites deserve much better than a repeat of the establishment’s agenda that led to losing this great state to Obama in 2012 – by 200,000 votes!”

On Wisconsin! Faith of America is in you to take us forward on Tuesday; to remain strong and independent of the status…

Posted by Sarah Palin on Sunday, April 3, 2016


“The continued games of the permanent political class will assure a Hillary victory unless you tell them ‘ENOUGH!; and vote for bold, new leadership that puts your interests before party politics,” Palin added. “Vote for Donald Trump on Tuesday to make America great again.”

Not surprisingly, Palin’s star power seems to be waning as of late. According to the Journal Times, a pro-Trump speech she gave in Wisconsin on Friday fell flat and garnered little applause from an audience of roughly 750.

In her Wisconsin debut as a Donald Trump surrogate, Sarah Palin was met with tepid applause and stone-faced silence Friday night at a Milwaukee County Republican gathering.

In contrast, the 750 Republicans at American Serb Hall cheered enthusiastically for Sen. Ted Cruz, who was introduced by Gov. Scott Walker and talk radio host Vicki McKenna.

Featured image via Facebook



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