Sarah Silverman: ‘The one time Trump tells the truth, it’s to tell a 7-year-old there’s no Santa’

In the wake of a Holiday photo op with First Lady Melania Trump this Christmas Eve, President Trump was the target of Twitter mockery after he seemingly threw a wrench into a child’s imagination.

While taking calls from children calling the North American Aerospace Defense Command Santa tracker, Trump chatted with a 7-year-old.


“Are you still a believer in Santa?” Trump asked the child. “Because at 7, it’s marginal, right?”

Immediately, Twitter erupted with people slamming Trump for casting doubt into a beloved childhood belief system.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a REAL smile on trump’s face before,” one person tweeted. “But here he is, spending Christmas Eve, asking a 7-year-old if he still believes in Santa ‘because at 7, it’s marginal, right?’ Dream-crushing gets him smiling.”

“No other president has had the guts to ruin a kid’s Christmas just hours before they think Santa is arriving,” tweeted another. “This is what sets Trump apart.”

I didn’t share in the mockery and outrage. I’m a firm believer that childhood myths should be approached with a healthy dose of cynicism with a side a good humor. As someone who considers Trump to be a tactless donk, I thought he actually managed to strike that perfect balance during his chat with the kid and it made me chuckle. That being said, comedian Sarah Silverman made a great point about Trump’s *impeccable* timing.

As a pathological liar, the one time Trump chose to tell the truth was to potentially dash the dreams of a little kid waiting for Santa to pass over. So who’s really waging the “war on Christmas”?

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