Scalper can’t even get white supremacists to buy Trump inauguration tickets

Thanks to Donald Trump‘s status as one of the most unpopular incoming presidents in history, scalpers looking to profit from tickets to his inauguration are reportedly finding themselves in the red.

According to the New York Daily News, 36-year-old Yossi Rosenberg purchased two tickets to the inauguration for $700 hoping to sell them at double the price, but didn’t have any luck.

“Nobody wants to buy them,” Rosenberg said. “It looks like I’m stuck with them, I might even have to go… I got offers before I got them, but then I get them and everybody balked.”

In a rather cynical move, Rosenberg advertised the tickets on white supremacist websites, but still came up short.

“Someone offered me $200 for the pair,” Rosenberg said. “I guess his approval ratings aren’t that [high], right?”

A recent Gallup poll shows Trump’s approval rating to be 44 percent — the lowest approval rating for any president-elect since the polling group began doing research. According to CNN, Barack Obama enjoyed an 83 percent approval rating just before his inauguration, whereas George W. Bush stood at 61 percent just before his.

Additionally, inauguration planners are expecting a low turnout for the historically crowded event. McClatchyDC reports that expectations hover at around 800,000 attendees, which is fewer than half of the roughly 1.8 million who attended Obama’s 2009 inauguration.

Even many high school bands have shown uninterest: An Arizona company that organizes trips for bands says inquiries are down by at least 50 percent compared with 2009.

Rosenberg, who voted for Hillary Clinton, never planned to attend the inauguration in the first place, but that might change.

“I never intended on going, I really thought I’d see some profit. If I don’t sell them for what I paid within 72 hours, I’m just going to go.”

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