School board members refuse request to wear masks during moment of silence for teacher dead from COVID

screen grab via wapo

During a meeting with school board members in Cobb County, Georgia, school district employee Jennifer Susko asked board members to put on their masks during a moment of silence to honor kindergarten art teacher Patrick Key, 53, who died Christmas Day after he battled COVID-19 for about six weeks.

Key’s obituary said that he “felt passionate about wearing masks during the pandemic,” and Susko asked board members to honor him by wearing their masks during the moment of silence “as a tribute to this teacher who did everything you asked of him, even teaching through a pandemic.”

Most board members were wearing their masks during the 13 seconds, but as the Washington Post points out, at least two men, including Superintendent Chris Ragsdale, chose to remain maskless.

“I would like the record to reflect that some of you did not wear a mask — the final request of a Cobb teacher who died,” Susko said after the moment of silence. “Your actions in these two minutes have spoken louder than words.”

Watch the video below, via the Washington Post:

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