Sean Hannity Segment Exposes Problems With Steven Crowder’s Union Protest Video

This past Tuesday, Fox News and other conservative media sites were handed a piece of 24-hour-news-cycle gold when Fox contributor/big mouth, Steven Crowder, was filmed being assaulted by an equally big-mouthed, yet shorter and more sluggish Union protester. With Michigan’s newly passed “Right to Work” law at the forefront of a bitter partisan debate, the footage fit in perfectly with the right wing narrative of thuggish union violence.

In a segment on Sean Hannity’s show from earlier today, a nervous Crowder appeared alongside union supporter Andrew Sullivan to defend himself against attacks from the left that claimed he incited much of the violence that was perpetrated against him.

Surprisingly, Sullivan was able to deconstruct Crowder’s claims of victimhood by pointing out that it seemed as though Crowder actually pushed the protester to the ground, with the grounded man only then rising to his feet to retaliate.

What follows is a cool and concise dismantling of Crowder by Sullivan, with Hannity seemingly giving up on defending his favored guest towards the end of the segment.

Sullivan’s complete ownership of the Hannity piece — and Crowder, demonstrates the inherent stupidity of sensationalist journalism when it’s thrown in the face of people fighting for their livelihoods, regardless of how distasteful or poorly thought-out their actions of protest may be.


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