Sean Spicer just can’t bring himself to condemn white supremacist murderer

This Monday, 28-year-old white supremacist James Harris Jackson killed 66-year-old Timothy Caughman with a sword — simply because he was a black man.

After his arrest, Jackson told authorities that he’d driven from Baltimore to New York to specifically do the horrific act, confirming that an act of terror had just taken place in the U.S. But for some reason the Trump administration doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

When asked during a press conference this Monday if the White House had any comment on the murder, Spicer nervously danced around the issue and refused to address the act specifically, at one point saying that he’s “not going to reference any particular case before the DOJ right now,” adding that he didn’t “know all the details.”

Put simply, in the wake of a racist terror attack where the suspect admitted to his motives, the White House Press Secretary refused to comment. Making matters worse, Spicer then went into a weird rant on the people who “rushed to judgement” regarding the recent spate of anti-semitic bomb threats.

From Judd Legum of Think Progress:

Instead of addressing the murder, Spicer went on a number of bizarre tangents. He told Ryan that there has been “a rush to judgment in a lot of other cases,” specifically anti-semitic attacks, where people have demanded Trump condemn the violence. Later, Spicer said, people have learned that the attacks were not perpetrated by “people on the right.”

Of course, Ryan wasn’t asking the White House to comment because Jackson was a member of the “right” but because he stands accused of a vicious racially-motivated murder.

Spicer’s deflections could mean a lot of things, but they’re no doubt the product of an administration whose willingness to ignore white racist homegrown terror is already showing consequences.

Watch Sean Spicer in the video below:

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