Sebastian Gorka: Donald Trump’s election was ‘all the proof you need’ that God exists

Speaking at CPAC this weekend, former White House national security adviser Sebastian Gorka tried his hand at being a religious provocateur. During his speech, Gorka declared to the crowd that Donald Trump’s election as president is proof that God exists.

According to Gorka, if Hillary Clinton had taken the presidency, “we would have lost our republic.”

“If you ever had a doubt that God exists, guess what?” Gorka said, adding that November 8 was the telltale sign.

“Why? Because [Clinton] had it all,” he said. “She had the media, she spent $1.4 billion on a seat, on a position, she thought was owed to her because of her gender and her last name, but she lost.”

“You need to understand that what General Mike Flynn, that great patriot said about November the 8th is true: what happened in this great nation — the greatest nation on God’s earth — is that we had a political revolution,” he continued.

“A peaceful one, but a political revolution. [Donald Trump] brought us back from the brink.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Sky Palma

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