Sebastian Gorka: If kids can’t bring their bibles to school, the next step is ‘concentration camps’

During a recent radio interview with Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly, former White House aide Sebastian Gorka delved into the controversy surrounding NFL quarterback Drew Brees’ commercial where he appeared in a commercial for Daly’s organization and urged kids to bring their bible to school. According to Gorka, the backlash Brees experienced could be a precursor to another Holocaust.

During the discussion, the two brushed off the reason for the fallout over Brees’ commercial, namely the fact that Focus on the Family is known to be hostile to LGBT rights, and discussed the “onslaught” of criticism targeting Brees over his views. According to Daly, the LGBT community “has really perfected the art of the shakedown,” adding that it’s “even beyond a mafia-style thing.”

Gorka went to say that if someone had promoted the idea of bringing one of the works of Karl Marx to school, there would have been no backlash.

Daly agreed, and suggested that people who disagree with campaigns to flood public schools with Christian activism are ushering in the “beginnings of fascism.”

According to Gorka, the consequences are even more sinister.

“When the bible is being banned, or people are ashamed to actually have the Good Book in their possession in public, that way leads to the real concentration camps and to the death camps,” Gorka said.

Writing for the Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta pointed out that bible isn’t being banned — anywhere, adding that if people are ashamed of the bible, “it’s because of people like Daly and Gorka, not because of atheists.”

“And being embarrassed about doing something that’s legal doesn’t make you a persecuted minority,” Mehta writes.These men so desperately want to be martyrs that they have no problem comparing themselves to Jews during the Holocaust.”

Watch a segment of the interview below:

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