Sebastian Gorka: ‘U.S. Women’s Soccer team wants to destroy our Judeo-Christian civilization’

In the wake of his ouster from the White House as President Trump’s Deputy Assistant, Sebastian Gorka has made a career of being one of Trump’s most vocal cheerleaders and propagandists. Gorka’s pro-Trump rants sound like they could be part of some elaborate parody, but the man is dead serious, and his latest tirade against the US Women’s Soccer team is no exception.

This Wednesday on his radio show America First with Sebastian Gorka, the host played comments from one of the “colleagues” of Team USA’s Megan Rapinoe, which were made during the recent parade celebrating the team’s winning of the world championship, where she playfully told people to “hide your kids, hide your wife,” while throwing in an obscenity here and there.

All this was too much for Gorka.

“Is this person clinically disturbed?” he asked.

“If that’s what you think or feel, that’s bad enough,” he continued. “And you should be investigated, you should be examined, you should be interviewed, perhaps not just by police officers, but by mental health professionals.”

“‘I’m coming for your children’ — She doesn’t just think it, she says it on camera,” Gorka added. “What does that mean about the people on the US Women’s Soccer Team? Yeah, that’s why we’re here, friends. That’s why I want to enlist you to be part of the solution.”

“They’ve gone insane, and they want to destroy everything that is wholesome in our country and in our Judeo-Christian civilization. ‘I’m coming for your wives, I’m coming for your children’ — that’s what psychotics think, it’s what psychotics say.”

Watch the clip below:

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

Sky Palma

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