Security video shows elementary school lunch monitor forcing child to eat from trash can

An Ohio elementary student’s parents filed a lawsuit claiming that a school lunch monitor forced their daughter to eat food that she previously discarded in a trash can. Now, the release of a school security video seems to confirm their accusations, Cleveland19 reports.

The family’s attorney, Jared Klebanow, says the video, which was released by Lorain City Schools after a public records request, proves “what this child has been saying since the beginning.” According to the federal civil lawsuit which was filed against the district back in December, the lunchroom monitor at Palm Elementary School pulled a waffle out of the trash can after the child threw it away and then forced her to eat it.

After an investigation, the district found that the girl “deposited a package of food into a trash can in the presence of two staff members” one of whom “immediately removed the package of food, wiped it off and gave it back to the student” who then opened the package and ate the food. The district also revealed that the child’s parent confronted the school over the incident, but the principal did not take “appropriate action.”

The lunch monitor and the principal have since been fired. The child’s mother, LaTosha Williams, said her daughter became physically ill after eat the food. She also said she lost her job due to the fact that she had to care for her daughter after the incident.

Watch video of the incident below:



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