Senate candidate who smoked a blunt in campaign ad releases new video showing him burning Confederate flag

A Louisiana U.S. Senate candidate who went viral for his campaign ad showing him smoking a blunt has released a new video showing him set fire to a Confederate flag.

Gary Chambers’ latest ad, titled Scars and Bars, shows him pinning the Confederate flag on a clothes liner and setting it alight after reciting, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” from the Declaration of Independence. Chambers, a Democrat, goes on to say that the “remnants of the Confederacy remain” in the South and gerrymandered districts and restrictive voting laws are “byproducts” of the Confederacy.

“The attacks against Black people, our right to vote and participate in this democracy, are methodical,” he said. “Our system isn’t broken. It’s designed to do exactly what it’s doing, which is producing measurable inequity.”

Chambers running against Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) in the upcoming midterm election.

“It’s time to burn what remains of the Confederacy down,” he said in the video. “I do believe the South will rise again, but this time it will be on our terms.”

Watch the video below:

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