Senator trolls Trump’s NRA speech with photos of victims of gun violence

This Friday, President Trump spoke at the NRA convention in Atlanta and thanked the group for lending its support during his campaign. “I’m going to come through for you,” Trump told the crowd.

Before he became a politician, Trump was a supporter of gun control measures. But he became a champion of gun rights in his bid for the White House, which won him $30 million in campaign support from the powerful lobbying group, according to the New York Times. But advocates for gun control see Trump’s NRA speech as a direct assault on what they’ve worked to achieve, and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), who’s fought for increased gun control since the Sandy Hook massacre, is letting the president know how he feels in a powerful way.

Taking to Twitter on Friday morning, Murphy asked his followers to ignore Trump’s speech and focus on victims of gun violence instead:

Murphy then shared images of shooting victims, many them children.

Murphy’s tweetstorm didn’t go unnoticed by the NRA. According to the New York Times, NRA spokesperson Jennifer Baker said that Murphy’s tweets were nothing more than a political stunt.

“It’s appalling that Chris Murphy exploits victims to push a gun control agenda even he admits wouldn’t stop criminals from committing crimes,” Baker said. “Voters are sick of politicians who spend more time on publicity stunts than solving problems.”

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