Senior citizens are abandoning Trump over his coronavirus response

According to a recent Morning Consult poll, President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has caused him to lose ground with key aspect of his support base: America’s senior citizens.

From The New York Times:

“For years, Republicans and Mr. Trump have relied on older Americans, the United States’ largest voting bloc, to offset Democrats’ advantage with younger voters. But seniors are also the most vulnerable to the coronavirus, and the Trump campaign’s internal polls show his support among voters over age 65 softening to a concerning degree, people familiar with the numbers said.”

The report continues:

“As that has taken shape, the president has all but moved on from a focus on controlling the pandemic and is pushing his agenda to restore the country to a place that will lift his campaign. That has included making clear that despite the pandemic, he wants a traditional political convention in Charlotte, N.C., in late August, with thousands of sign-waving Republican delegates from out of state filling an arena.”

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