Sexual assault survivor slams Jeff Sessions in Senate testimony: ‘He’s not the man for the job’

Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee this Wednesday, sexual assault survivor Amita Swadhin asked members not to confirm Donald Trump‘s nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

“My father raped me at least once a week from age 4 to age 12,” she told the committee. “I endured psychological, physical, and verbal abuse from him for years.”

Swadhin said Sessions’ waffling answer regarding Trump’s comments in the Access Hollywood tape is “incredibly worrisome.”

“We need an attorney general who is committed to improving and enforcing our laws to ensure the most vulnerable victims of crime can come forward to seek accountability and to access healing,” Swadhin said. “Time and again, Senator Sessions’ voting record has shown us he is not the man for the job.”

From New York Magazine:

She went on to discuss Sessions’ voting record on the Violence Against Women Act, which he initially supported. But when the act was expanded in 2013 to include protections for LGBTQ people and immigrant and tribal populations, Sessions voted against it.

“We must trust the attorney general to respect the humanity of all Americans and especially to be committed to seeking justice for our most vulnerable victims of crime,” she continued.

“Given his voting record on VAWA and on LGBT rights, we have no reason to put our faith or our trust in Senator Sessions as attorney general.”

Watch her full testimony in the video below:

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