Shakira is ‘begging’ Tom Cruise to stop trying to date her: ‘She’s flattered but not interested’

After meeting Shakira at the F1 Grand Prix in Miami earlier this month, actor Tom Cruise has reportedly been “absolutely mesmerized” with the Colombian singer and has been aggressively pursuing her. But according to a source speaking to Heat Magazine, she’s been “begging” him to leave her alone.

Reports say Cruise thought there was chemistry between the two and even sent her flowers, but to no avail.

“He came away convinced they had a real connection they needed to build on,” the source told Heat. “She doesn’t want to embarrass or upset him, but there’s no attraction or romance on her part — she was just being friendly. She’s flattered but not interested.”

Another source told US Weekly that Shakira just simply isn’t interested and said the initial interaction at F1 was as far as things went.

“Shakira has seen the online rumors that Tom has been courting her — and how fans are chiming in with their opinions — but she thinks it’s hilarious because it’s just not true,” the source said, adding that she is focusing on her kids after her breakup with Gerard Pique, who reportedly cheated. “She had a fun time when they chatted, but that’s as far as things have gone.”

Cruise, 60, is single and Shakira, 46, broke up with her longtime boyfriend Gerard Piqué, 36, last June after allegations emerged that he was having an affair with his now-girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

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