Shep Smith slams fellow Fox Newsers for connecting #BlackLivesMatter to cop’s death

This Thursday, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith admonished his fellow reporters who “turned up” anti-Black Lives Matter rhetoric surrounding the death of police officer Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz late last summer.

Following the suspicious death of Gliniewicz in Fox Lake this September, Illinois, conservative media outlets and Fox News began trumpeting false new stories that perpetuate the “war on cops” narrative.

Many of the media groups demonized the Black Lives Matter movement by trotting out law enforcement officials that supported the so-called phenomenon, despite the lack of factual evidence.

However, the truth of what happened to Gliniewicz was much more disturbing and so much further from the image conservative news organizations were trying to sell to the American public.

Gliniewicz carefully staged suicide forced those at Fox News, Shepard Smith in particular, to admit that a false connection was made to Black Lives Matter and contributed to the negative rhetoric against the organization with “factually wrong” reporting.


[MMFA] Featured image via screen grab

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