Sheriff in charge of the Oregon School shooting thinks the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax

The whole world is reeling from yet another shooting, this time in Roseburg, Oregon at Umpqua Community College. As the same conversations that always circulate after these all-too-familiar events start up, there’s one thing that isn’t being talked about — the beliefs of one Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin, who is overseeing the aftermath of this tragedy.

This Sheriff seems to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist regarding what is arguably one of the worst mass shootings in this epidemic’s history: the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

According to Mother Jones, Sheriff Hanlin actually shared a video about 2 years ago that promotes conspiracy theories questioning the legitimacy of whether that tragic shooting even happened at all. Here is an image of that Facebook post:

Via Mother Jones

That’s not all that is coming out about this sheriff, either. It is quite possible that he is somehow involved with the Oath Keepers, a fringe group of lunatics who are determined to “defend” the Constitution from “violations,” such as laws that limit gun ownership in any way, shape or form. And let’s not forget the blistering letter he wrote to Vice President Biden right after Sandy Hook happened, insisting that there would no enforcement of any new gun law that might come up as a result of that shooting in his county.

Sheriff Hanlin clearly has some very unsettling ideas surrounding guns and gun control. Couple that with his clear tendency to uphold and buy into conspiracy theories and it should be clear that he is the last person who should be handling this massacre, or even be a member of law enforcement at all.

Watch an interview Sheriff Hanlin did with NBC News in the video below:

Featured image via screengrab

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