Sheriff tells congressman pot is just as bad as crack and meth, congressman laughs in his face

In an interesting moment on Capitol Hill this Tuesday, a Wisconsin sheriff caught a congressman off guard when he voiced a fairly archaic opinion about marijuana.

In the middle of a House Judiciary hearing on police reform, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) questioned Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on the subject of drugs in the black community.

“You said that illegal drug use is the scourge of the black community and it is a problem and leads to a great deal of violent crime. Would you agree that marijuana possession is not the scourge of the black community and does not lead to violent crime the same way that meth, crack cocaine, and heroin do?” Cohen asked.

“No, I wouldn’t agree with that at all,” Sheriff Clarke replied.

“Well, that’s interesting, and I wish I had more time to talk to you,” Cohen said. “Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.”

“It was such an obvious answer — I just never thought I’d get that answer,” he added while laughing.


h/t Raw Story

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