Sidney Powell tells prosecutors that Trump’s top aides told him he lost the 2020 election

In a proffer session with prosecutors, former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said there was a moment where she got into a huge screaming match with Rudy Giuliani where he called her “every name in the book” and said she was the “worst lawyer he’d ever seen,” ABC News reported.

She also admitted that she didn’t know very much about election law, “but I understand fraud from having been a prosecutor for 10 years.”

When asked what Trump expected from her services as a lawyer, she replied that she thought he expected her to take action to acquire the digital content from voting machines “in four or five states.”

She also stated that she was present when Trump was told by his top advisers that he had lost the 2020 election, to which he responded with frustration, saying, “See? This is what I deal with all the time.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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