Six of GOP Rep’s siblings denounce him and endorse his opponent in new campaign ad

In an astounding example of a family defending “its honor,” six siblings of Arizona GOP Rep. Paul Gosar have denounced him and endorsed his opponent in a new campaign ad.

Gosar, a Republican in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District, is the target of an ad launched by his Democratic opponent Dr. David Brill. The ad features Grace Gosar, David Gosar, Jennifer Gosar, Tim Gosar, Joan Gosar and Gaston Gosar, who slam their brother on his stances on issues such as health care, jobs, social security, and the environment.

“Paul Gosar the congressman isn’t doing anything to help rural America,” Grace, who is a physician, says in the clip. “If they care about health care, they care about their children’s health care, they would hold him to account. If they care about jobs, they would hold him to account.”

Jennifer, who is a medical interpreter, says: “If he actually cared about people in rural Arizona, I bet he’d be fighting for social security, for better access to health care… I bet he would be researching, ‘What is the most insightful water policy to help the environment of Arizona sustain itself and be successful.’”

David, who is a lawyer, says: “Paul’s absolutely not working for his district.”

Tim, a private investigator, says: “He’s not listening to you and he doesn’t have your interests at heart.”

Gosar has faced increasing criticism over his hawkish stance on immigration and his attacks “Dreamers.” He also pushed an unsubstantiated a conspiracy theory that claimed George Soros was behind the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year.

In another ad published in Brill’s YouTube page, Gosar’s siblings talk about the difficult decision of coming out against their brother.

“It’s horrible to have to do this,” says Jennifer.

“None of this is pleasant for any of us,” explains David. “We got to stand up for our good name. This is not who we are.”

“To speak up against my brother, it brings sadness to me,” Joan, who is an engineer, says. “I think my brother has traded a lot of the values we had at our kitchen table.”

There’s another Brill ad featuring Gosar’s siblings that’s scheduled to come out soon, which includes Grace saying, “It would be difficult to see my brother as anything but a racist.”

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