Six-year-old kid to church congregation: ‘I’m tired of this church’

Getting dragged to mass as a kid was torture, so my hat goes off to this kid who had the stones to tell everyone — audience, parents, and even the fucking pastor — exactly how he felt.

According to a local ABC News affiliate, six-year-old Naszir Ferrell was attending church this Christmas in Oakland, California, where he was expected to give a speech that he didn’t want to give. Despite his protests, he was forced on the stage and given a microphone.

In a video that has since gone viral, Naszir can be seen grabbing the mic and declaring, “I’m tired of this church,” to gasps from the audience. The video on has been viewed over a million times on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Speaking on Facebook Live, Naszir said that the church pastor took him to the bathroom afterwards and warned him to never do that again.

Although he got in trouble, Naszir’s dad seemed to empathize with his son’s plight.

“My mom’s best friend wanted him to do the speech real bad,” Dominique Ferrell said. “I already told my mom he doesn’t know it, so don’t force him … they ended up putting him up there any way.”

While there was a lot of support for Naszir in the comments, some people said that they think he should be punished. Being forced to give a speech at church should be punishment enough.

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