SNL mocks America’s love affair with guns in hilarious new ad

This is hilariously and terrifyingly accurate.

Saturday Night Live is famous for telling amazing — and often serious — truths through their hilarious and legendary skits. In their most recent episode, the show took America and its sometimes ridiculous love of guns to the woodshed.

The skit takes typical momentous occasions such as having a child or falling in love, and then they bring a gun into the picture, which makes things a million times more special for these fictional ammosexuals.

The advertisement that looks like it is something NRA would put together in complete seriousness gets even more insane, as a woman refuses to go into the delivery room to give birth without her precious rifle, which seems to mean as much to her as her new child. The end of this frighteningly true satirical ad gives those of us who have managed to retain our sanity on this issue a terrible reminder:

“Wherever life takes you. Guns. We’re here to stay.”

Unfortunately, thanks to America’s gun nuts and do-nothing legislators, that is likely true.


[Raw Story] Featured image via screengrab



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