‘Social justice warrior’ shows conservative writer that global warming isn’t hard to explain

Lorrie Goldstein is a conservative columnist for the Toronto Sun who likes to rant and rave against the “hysteria” and “myths” surrounding global warming. According to him, “there is no consensus among scientists that man-made climate change represents an imminent, existential threat to humanity.”

Statements like that suggest Goldstein doesn’t think those who disagree with him have compelling fact-based argument. That alleged assumption seemed all the more apparent in this tweet from December 8:

Taking into account Karen Geier‘s writing for HuffPost and the Guardian (among others), one could see how from Goldstein’s perspective she fits the description of a “social justice warrior.” That’s what makes her response to Goldstein’s assumption so perfect.

After the one-sided exchange got some attention, Goldstein attempted to clarify that he’s never been a climate change denier:

[Media Matters]

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