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Soldier who threatened and shoved Black man for walking in his neighborhood is found guilty of assault

Former U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jonathan Pentland, 42, was convicted of third-degree assault on Monday, ABC News reports

Pentland first made headlines back in April after he was seen in a viral video shoving and threatening a Black man who was walking through his neighborhood. He was found guilty and must now choose between spending 30 days in jail or paying a fine of $1,087.

Pentland claimed he was trying to defend his family from 22-year-old Deandre Williams, who he says was acting strange. But Williams said he was trying to avoid a confrontation. 

“As a young man, if I go on a walk, I shouldn’t feel any form of pressure,” Williams said after the verdict, according to ABC News. 

Willaims’ father, who testified at the trial, said his son once had a form of cancer that causes his brain to swell, which sometimes makes it hard for him to understand things. 

The video starts out with Pentland confronting Williams on the sidewalk. According to reports, Pentland had already shoved Williams once before the video started. 

“What is it that you are doing here?” Pentland aggressively asked Williams. 

“Walking.” Willaims replies.

“Then walk,” Pentland fires back.

Williams then tells Pentland that he’s walking back to his house.

“Walk away right now. You need help? I’m happy to help,” Pentland says before shoving Williams. 

Watch the video below: 

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