Some fundamentalist Christians think this practical joke is a good idea

Waiting tables is a crap job. Customer service is always awful because customers are always awful, but something about food service makes customers truly unbearable.

Additionally, the U.S. still allows restaurants to pay their employees basically nothing and expect customers to cover the costs of waitstaff personnel. I would love to be done with tipping in general, because it feels like every service industry requires a tip now, and I don’t know who needs one or how much it is anymore. (Do you tip the person who gave you a facial? Do you tip the parking attendant in the lot where you parked your own car? I get so anxious.) Why can’t employers pay their own damn employees?

Until the laws change, you as a customer of a restaurant obviously have to tip. If you can’t afford to tip 20%, you can’t afford to eat out. By not tipping, the only message you’re sending is to the waiter, and that message is “f*ck you, I don’t care if you make rent this month.” Management doesn’t actually care either. It affects them 0%.

What’s worse, of course, is if you bring Jesus into this, because if you read the Bible you know Jesus was a good tipper.

But that’s exactly what happened to 17-year-old Garrett Wayman of Wichita, Kansas. Garrett goes to school full-time, waits tables for $3/hour plus tips, and is $7,000 in debt after buying his own car, so he was obviously stoked when he saw a $20 bill under a ketchup bottle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a $20 — it was a piece of paper disguised as $20 in order to spread “the faith thru Jesus Christ.”

“Things and people will disappoint you. Nothing in this world will really satisfy. That is because there is a void in your life that can only be filled by God, who created you.”

Okay, that’s all great, but as Jesus once said, “tip your waiter or get your own f*cking food.”

In the meantime, if you believe restaurants should pay their employees a livable wage instead of making waiters rely on tips, seek out a restaurant that has adopted that policy. They’re out there!

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