Some genius hacked an L.A. traffic sign to display an awesome message

If you’ve ever sat in Los Angeles traffic, you probably have a good idea of what it’s like to lose the will to live. That’s why the mysterious and mischievous person who’s behind this story is such a damn hero.

Someone recently hacked into an electronic traffic sign in downtown L.A. to display a very important message. Thankfully, the L.A. Weekly’s Diana Beth Solomon was on hand to snap a picture.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 3.12.58 PM

Just as an aside to give a little insight into the vapid nature of this city’s hipster journalism, E! Online had this interesting take on the story:

Now, here is our question. We assume that whoever is behind this is just strongly urging people to stop looking at their cell phones or snap chats or tweets or whatever else the kids do these days and pick up a book instead. But could they also be asking people to read a “f–king book,” as in a book about fornication?

Perhaps this was the work of some frustrated girlfriend or wife who is in desperate need of some good loving and this message is their way of very publicly asking their spouse to do some research. Maybe they haven’t had an orgasm in years. Isn’t this a sad, far-fetched tale? Yeah, it’s probably the simpler explanation that someone just really wants people to read more, but we like to think some housewife named Helen is trying to reach her husband of 17 years, Gary.


The message still stands.

read the book

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