Someone hacked these Texas roadsigns to tell commuters ‘Donald Trump is a shape-shifting lizard’

Three Texas Department of Transportation portable electronic road signs were altered Monday to “Bernie for President” and “Donald Trump is a Shape-Shifting Lizard.”

The signs were originally supposed to display messages like “Exit Closed” and “Lanes Shift Ahead” but were changed in time for the morning commute on Tuesday.

The “Trump” sign greeted drivers headed west on Interstate 30 and the “Bernie” sign was positioned nearby on Westmoreland Road beneath I-30.

There was also third sign that read “Work is Canceled – Go Back Home” which was found later that morning.

According to NBCFW, similar situations have been reported across the country, with those responsible gaining access to the electronic sign’s control panel and changing the message it displays.

Watch NBCDFW‘s report on the story below:

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