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Son bets his mom money that her QAnon predictions won’t come true — he won every bet

Last month, Sean Donnelly made a short documentary exposing his mother’s die-hard belief in various QAnon conspiracy theories. His mother, Tammy, can be seen in the video regurgitating various claims, such as California wild fires being sparked by “direct energy weapons,” and that Donald Trump would be reinstated in office by April 1st (which ironically happens to be April Fool’s Day).

“I don’t think my mom is a bad person. I think she’s actually one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, I think she means very well, and I don’t think that she’s full of hate or something,” Donnelly told The Independent.

“It’s a thing a lot of people struggle with. I have a lot of friends whose parents have gotten into this stuff, and I think it’s difficult for a lot of relationships,” he added.

In the documentary, titled, “QAmom – Confronting my mom’s conspiracy theories,” Donnelly bet his mom money that the QAnon predictions she held steadfastly to would never come true. In the end, he ends up winning $700 (props to his mom for being honest and paying up).

Watch the documentary below:

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