Southern Baptist leader and his wife accused of poisoning their neighbor’s dogs

After being hounded by scandals for years, Southern Baptists now have an animal abusing leader on their hands, Religion News reported.

James David “Jim” Goldston III, 71, resigned from his role as chairman of the board of trustees for the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina late last month after he and his wife Agnes, 73, were charged with three counts of felony animal cruelty and a misdemeanor offense of communicating threats.

The pair are accused of poisoning their neighbor’s three dogs, two of which died.

In addition to being chair of the well-known faith-based nonprofit, he was also a board member of an animal rescue organization.

The couple are also accused of writing a note to their neighbor, warning, “Your Daughter is Next. B Careful.”

In a another letter, the couple warned, “If one or both of these dogs put their paws on my property I am going to blow their brains out.”

In a statement, Goldston said he and his wife have falsely accused.

“After more than 35 years of involvement with Baptist Children’s Homes of NC, and personally investing and helping raise millions of dollars to further this great ministry, I sadly hereby resign as a BCH Trustee,” Goldston wrote in a statement to the Biblical Recorder. “My wife and I have been falsely accused of some horrible acts and I do not want this to be a distraction or hindrance to the work done on behalf of BCH as the truth plays out within the justice system.”

After being taken into custody, they each posted $30,000 bond.

Sky Palma

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