Springbreaker’s ‘come at me, bro’ goes horribly wrong. So horribly, wonderfully wrong

We’ve found a video that embodies everything you hate about springbreakers, while simultaneously showing the perfect comeuppance for a cowardly punk that should strike all cowardly punks wherever there are cowardly punks.

First, said Cowardly Punk eggs a couple bros on to a fight, but then runs away, because he’s a cowardly punk. Cowardly Punk thinks he’s smart, because his friend’s truck is waiting nearby.

Cowardly Punk jumps in the back of the truck, continuing to egg on the angry bros. But then, perfect karmic justice happens.

Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you.

Unfortunately for Cowardly Punk, it was all caught on video for the world to see what a cowardly punk he is.


via Reddit

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