Stephen Colbert avenges dancing kids stiffed by Trump and introduces the ‘USA Freedom Grown-Ups’

This Thursday, The Late Show with Stephen Cobert introduced the Freedom Grown-Ups – a spoof on the USA Freedom Kids who appeared at a Trump rally back in January.

The routine was mocked as being oddly reminiscent of North Korean children being forced to perform for their Dear Leader, but the kids became a viral sensation overnight. But according to the Washington Post, one of the kids’ fathers is filing a lawsuit against the Trump campaign for violating its agreement with the group, stiffing him with the bill for much of the group’s expenses.

Colbert slammed the GOP candidate for leaving the kids high and dry.

“Well folks, Donald Trump thinks he can get away with this, but I’m going to hold him accountable and get his attention with a flashy song-and-dance number,” Colbert said.

“And because I don’t think children should be involved in the dirty world of politics, here with a new song for Donald Trump, please welcome the USA Freedom Grown-Ups.”

Watch the clip below, via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

Sky Palma

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