Stephen Colbert thinks Trump was ‘fighting off a cold with cocaine’ during debate

Donald Trump’s campaign made a big deal about how he didn’t bother to prepare for his debate with Hillary Clinton this Monday night, and Stephen Colbert thinks that lack of preparation was glaringly obvious.

“He may not have prepared, and it looked like he didn’t,” Colbert said.

The Late Show host pointed out that Trump wasn’t the only one lying on the debate state – Clinton stretched the truth as well when she said it was good to be with him.

Colbert then focused one of the biggest Trump lies during the debate, when the GOP nominee claimed that he never called climate change a hoax that was created by the Chinese.

“There’s always the chance that the tweet was created by the Chinese to make Trump non-competitive,” Colbert said.

In light of all the conspiracy theories disseminated by right wing blogs about Clinton’s health, Colbert pointed out that by that logic, Trump’s incessant sniffling during the debate should raise some red flags.

“Trump sounded like he was fighting off a cold with cocaine,” Colbert said. “He sounded like the coked-up best man in the bathroom at a wedding. He was like ‘Scarface’ — but with more face.”

Watch the segment from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the video below:

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