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Stephen Miller: We’re now seeing the ‘cruelty and inhumanity of Joe Biden’s immigration policies’

Speaking on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle this Wednesday, former Trump administration adviser Stephen Miller slammed President Joe Biden’s immigration policies for their “cruelty and inhumanity.”

Miller was referring to Biden’s decision to revoke a Trump-era ban on legal immigration, saying that it would lead to “limitless amounts of low-wage visa workers” stealing jobs from Americans.

“What we are seeing here is the cruelty and inhumanity of Joe Biden’s immigration policies,” Miller said. “He came into office and announced that there’s an open door, and that young people who come into this country illegally are going to be resettled instead of returned. He is forcing thousands of young children into the arms of smugglers, into the arms of traffickers, into the arms of coyotes… That is cruel. That is inhumane.”

Miller is widely known to have been the architect behind former President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on immigration — a policy that reports say resulted in the separation of thousands of migrant from their families.

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