Steve Bannon on Elon Musk: He’s a ‘man-child’ who is a member of the ‘occult’

On a recent episode of his show, Steve Bannon slammed Elon Musk as an immature “man-child.”

The guy’s a man-child. This is a man-child. This is a deeply disturbed individual. The X thing — and I will break it down in shows to come — but that’s a whole Aleister Crowley. He’s been obsessed with turning these companies into the word X. He tried to do it with PayPal; he’s done it his whole life. That’s Aleister Crowley, direct, occult. This guy is a deeply, deeply disturbed — besides the fact he sold us out to the CCP. But now he’s driving past Zuckerberg, doing a fight in the back yard. What are they, like, nine years old? Is that where we are now?

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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