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Steve Bannon to Alex Jones: The ‘deep state’ is working on ‘the assassination of Donald Trump’

During an appearance in Infowars, Steve Bannon told Alex Jones that when it comes to the “deep state’s” plans for Donald Trump, “everything is on the table.”

“I do not think it’s beyond this administrative state and their deep state apparatus to actually try to work on the assassination of President Trump,” Bannon said. “I think everything’s on the table. I think his security is at the highest it’s ever been, and honestly I think he ought to, and I think he should have, flown down to Mar-a-Lago this morning, walked out there at noon today, and said, ‘Hey, I’m running for president of the United States, suck on that.'”

Jones then asked Bannon what Trump “should be doing right now.”

“What he should do is action, action, action,” Bannon replied. “I don’t think there should be [any more posts to Truth Social], that’s all nice … we’re beyond that.”

Watch the video below:

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