Steve Bannon to surrender to NY prosecutors this week over charges similar to the ones Trump pardoned him for

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon has been indicted in New York and is expected to surrender to state prosecutors this Thursday, The Washington Post reports.

The indictment is related to charges similar the ones in a federal case that former President Donald Trump pardoned him in, where Bannon and others were accused of defrauding people who donated to a $25 million fundraising effort called, “We Build the Wall.” The government accused Bannon and his cohorts of using the money meant to fund the construction of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico for their own purposes to the tune of $1 million.

Bannon pleaded not guilty to the federal charges in August 2020 but was pardoned by Trump before the case went to trial. Two other men involved in the scheme pleaded guilty, while a third went to trial which ended in a mistrial.

As The Post points out, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has been investigating the same alleged fraud scheme, and now has brought its own charges. Sources tell The Post that Bannon plans to turn himself in this coming Thursday.

Bannon slammed the new round of charges as “phony” and politically motivated.

“This is nothing more than a partisan political weaponization of the criminal justice system,” Bannon said.

“They are coming after all of us, not only President Trump and myself,” he continued. “I am never going to stop fighting. In fact, I have not yet begun to fight. They will have to kill me first.”

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