Steve Bannon turns against Marjorie Taylor Greene after she votes yes on debt deal — says she’s not ‘real MAGA’

Steve Bannon seems to have soured on former ally Marjorie Taylor Greene after she decided to support the debt ceiling deal, calling for her to be primaried, Insider reported.

In a post to the social media platform Gettr, Bannon wrote that Greene and Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan should face primary challenges by candidates who represent “Real MAGA.”

Late last month, Politico reported that Greene and Jordan helped Speaker Kevin McCarthy get the debt ceiling deal passed, which raised the debt ceiling until January 2025 to avoid a default by the U.S.

As Insider points out, the deal faced some opposition from both parties’ hard-right and hard-left factions.

Greene, who was a frequent guest on Bannon’s War Room podcast, voted in favor of the deal, despite her own far-right Freedom Caucus” opposition to it.

In another post on Gettr, Bannon wrote, “Unlimited, uncapped deficits running @ a minimum $4trillion, Biden’s entire agenda intact …allowed The Cartel to kick it past ‘24 elections …the Senate will never agree with the House appropriations fantasy — we will get to 30 September and McCarthy will roll over , blink and never shut down the government…the 149 must be held accountable for the most Anti-MAGA vote in history…”

Greene who was once a vocal critic of McCarthy, has now formed an alliance with the Speaker.

Sky Palma

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