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Steve Bannon’s DC home swarmed by heavily armed police

Heavily armed police swarmed the D.C. residence of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon after someone called in a false report of a shooting inside the home, The Washington Post reports.

Streets near the Supreme Court and U.S. Capitol building were blocked off for about an hour, making some think there was an active shooter situation.

From The Washington Post:

Police initially told The Washington Post that they had encountered a person who claimed to be armed and who appeared to be suffering from a mental health crisis, but they found no gun and no one injured.A D.C. police spokeswoman later said someone had called a crisis hotline and reported that a man inside the rowhouse in the 200 block of A Street NE had shot someone and had a firearm.

The spokeswoman said that call appears to havebeen a “swatting” attempt, a practice in which someone calls in a false report of an emergency or a crisis to draw police to a particular address or person.

Bannon is curently under indictment for defying a subpoena from the Jan. 6, committee, and his trial is scheduled to begin July 18.

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