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Steve Doocy warns Rand Paul about consequences of Republicans bashing the FBI: ‘There are death threats’

During a segment on Fox & Friends this Thursday, host Steve Doocy lectured Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul over the increasing threats being leveled at the FBI in the wake of the agency’s raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in a search for classified documents.

Paul started out by expressing his skepticism over the justification for the raid, to which Doocy replied that “the problem” is that as a result of rhetoric from certain Republicans, people who think the raid was unjustified are growing more bold when it comes to making threats against the agency.

“Unfortunately now, the people who work at the FBI headquarters, you know, there are death threats and all sorts of stuff — I heard from a staff member there who’s talking to a colleague at the FBI, and the colleague realized, ‘Oh look, I’m wearing the wrong shoes today to work, because if someone comes and attacks the building and I’ve gotta run, I can’t run in these heels.’ So unfortunately, people at the FBI are caught in the crosshair,” Doocy told Paul.

Paul replied saying, “There’s no excuse for threats to the FBI, and the thing is … they’re not the only ones getting threats.”

“I’ve had probably over 50 threats this year,” Paul said. “I sometimes can have a dozen in a week. … So all of the threats are wrong from the right or the left,” Paul said.

Watch the video below:

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