Steve King calls the Left ‘Nazis’ while quote-tweeting an actual white supremacist

In a span of three months, GOP Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has retweeted two white supremacists on Twitter. This time, he promoted the words of Lana Lokteff, who co-owns the white nationalist media outlet Red Ice.

“‘Nazi’ is injected into Leftist talking points because the worn out & exhausted ‘racist’ is over used & applied to everyone who lacks melanin & who fail to virtue signal at the requisite frequency & decibels,” King tweeted.

“But…,” he added. “Nazis are socialists and Leftists are socialists.”

King’s penchant for run-on sentences is nothing compared to his penchant for misinformation. As Snopes points out:

… the assumption that because the word ‘socialist’ appeared in the party’s name and socialist words and ideas popped up in the writings and speeches of top Nazis then the Nazis must have been actual socialists is naive and ahistorical. What the evidence shows, on the contrary, is that Nazi Party leaders paid mere lip service to socialist ideals on the way to achieving their one true goal: raw, totalitarian power.

Via Steve King (Twitter)

As of this writing, King’s tweet is still live, but I’ve preserved a screen shot (above) in case he deletes it.

King’s tweet highlighted a post from Lotkeff, who describes herself in her Twitter bio as a proud “wife of a Swedish Viking.” She has a decently sized presence on YouTube and publishes videos of herself ranting obtuse ethnocentric attacks on things such as Kwanzaa and Hanukkah, calling them “imposters attempting to ride the energy of European Yule.”

As Right Wing Watch points out, Lokteff has called for a white ethno-state and has slammed interracial relationships as “more devious than blatant in-your-face mass murdering.” She advocates for white women to marry white men and produce white children. She has also publicly expressed blatant antisemitism. She represents a subtly genocidal ideology and it’s all being promoted by a sitting U.S. congressman.

This isn’t the first time a white supremacist has popped up on King’s timeline. This past June, he retweeted a post from Mark Collett, the former chairman of a far-right British youth political party. Collett wrote: “65% of Italians under the age of 35 now oppose mass immigration. Europe is waking up…”

King retweeted the post and added, “Europe is waking up…Will America…in time?”

King later refused to delete or apologize for the post, claiming ignorance of its author.

Lotkeff is lucky to have the extra boost from King’s tweet. In July of this year, she appeared in a video alongside her husband Henrik Palmgren, pleading for donations from fans. In the video titled, “We Need Your Help! Red Ice Targeted, Payment Gateway Shut Down Our Account,” Palmgren announced that their “payment gateway system” had been “shutdown.”

“Red Ice currently is dead in the water,” Palmgren said with a concerned Lokteff sitting beside him. “Without your help, we’re not going to be able to continue this project.”

Maybe Steve King would be willing to donate.

Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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