Steve King: Deported Dreamers can go back and teach Mexico ‘how civilized people act’

Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King is known for saying despicable things about DREAM Act recipients, and now he has some new insight to offer regarding President Trump’s recent announcement that DACA is being repealed.

Speaking on Breitbart News Radio this Tuesday just before Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the repeal, King talked about a tweet he fired off that morning where he said that deported Dreamers would make great “Peace Corp” volunteers in their home countries which would allow them to educate people on how a civilized society works.

“I’m making this point that if we shut off the DACA program, and there are 800,000 of them in the United States today, they would deploy … back to their home territories, most likely,” King said. “And they would go back there with a U.S. taxpayer-funded education, many of them the college education, they will have top-notch English skills, they would understand how a free-enterprise economy works, how a generally corrupt-free society, first world works.”

“They would have seen the transportation system we have, the educational system, the research and development systems that we have, how a civilized people interact with each other,” he continued. “All of that would go with them back to their home countries, and wouldn’t that be the best economic and cultural development, civilizational development that, say, Mexico could ever experience?”

King argued that if Dreamers are our “best and brightest” as people claim, then we should “send them back home again” because “it will have far more impact than you’ll get out of Peace Corps volunteers.”

Listen to the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via Gage Skidmore

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