Store manager locks anti-mask protesters inside store — then hands them over to police

This Saturday in Costa Mesa, California, two women were arrested at a Mother’s Market store for trespassing during an anti-mask rally held on its premises.

According the Orange County Register, the store’s manager called the police and reported the unidentified women for trespassing. While the Times’ report states that it was unclear what the women did to get arrested, videos posted to Reddit claim that the store’s manager locked the building’s doors at one point, trapping at least two anti-mask protesters inside.

One video shows what looks to be a store employee talking to police after they arrive on the scene as protesters complain about the doors being locked.

Another video posted to Reddit shows two women being led out by police in handcuffs while protesters can heard yelling slogans like, “masks are marxism!” and “fascism!” One of the women, who was wearing shorts emblazoned with the words “Trump 2020,” yelled towards the camera that she was trapped inside the store when the manager “locked the front door.”

“I was already in the building, and then they locked it so I couldn’t get out!” the woman yelled as she was being led away.

Anti-maskers who were locked inside by a store manager in Costa Mesa being arrested
by u/theylied2you in PublicFreakout

In late July, Costa Mesa city officials declared that anyone caught in public without a mask would be fined $100. According to The Los Angeles Times, no citations have yet been issued.

Orange County, where Costa Mesa is located, reported another 513 new cases of coronavirus and 20 new deaths on Saturday, reaching a new marker of 43,367 and 809 respectively, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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