Stranded refugees facing Greek riot police chant, ‘We are not terrorists!’

Since the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, Mali, and now Tunisia, anti-Muslim and refugee rhetoric has reached a fever pitch. In the face of that, many refugees who just happen to be Muslims remain committed to telling people that they are not terrorists, and that they are simply seeking asylum from the horrors of ISIS.

In a recent video uploaded to LiveLeak, refugees stranded at the border between Greece and Macedonia can be seen chanting “We are not terrorists” in an effort to make people understand that they were safe, that they meant no harm with their efforts to cross the border:.

From MSN News:

Hundreds of migrants and refugees remained stranded in an outdoor camp on the Greek side of the Macedonian border on Sunday, November 22, as temperatures dropped, after the Balkan state allowed passage only to those fleeing the conflict in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Macedonia announced the move earlier in the week after Slovenia blocked access to what it called “economic migrants.” This video shows protesting migrants facing a Greek riot police line at the camp near the Greek village of Idomeni.

This is the desperation that anti-refugee rhetoric in America and around the world is facilitating.


Featured image via screen grab

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