Study confirms that Donald Trump’s supporters have the worst grammar

The online writing enhancement service, Grammarly, published a new report that analyzed the comment threads of the presidential candidates’ official Facebook pages to find out which political base is better able to communicate their ideas in writing.

According to the report, researchers looked at five months of samples from Facebook comments containing at least fifteen words from each candidate’s official page. The data then randomly selected at least 180 positive and neutral comments — roughly 6,000 words in all, identifying the errors contained in each of the comments, which were then verified and logged by a team of proofreaders.

The results varied considerably from each of the candidates, but it was clear that Donald Trump supporters were found to have the worst grammar by a large margin.

On average, Trump supporters commit 12.6 mistakes every 100 words, which ranks them dead last of the 19 candidate fanbase represented in the study. Supporters of GOP candidate Rick Santorum, who recently dropped out of the race after an embarrassing loss during the Iowa primary, were the only other group to have more than an average 10 typos per 100 words, at a rate of 11.5.

The study also showed that Republican supporters committed more mistakes than their Democratic counterparts, with an average of 8.7 mistakes in 100 words compared to the Democrats’ 4.2 mistakes. The Democratic fan base also averaged slightly longer comments, according to the findings.

The ultimate winner of the grammar study goes to Lincoln Chafee with his grammatically proficient supporters, who committed the least number of typos at an average 3.1 mistakes per 100 words. Chafee, who is barely registering in the polls, is currently a distant fourth in the Democratic primary race. Chafee’s supporters are followed by Jim Webb‘s who committed an average of 3.4 typos, while Bernie Sanders fans came in third with 3.7 typos in 100 words.

Carly Fioriana‘s and Hillary Clinton‘s supporters were tied with 6.3 errors per 100 words. Clinton’s supporters were the lowest rated Democrats on the list, while Fioriana’s fans were the highest rated Republican supporters.

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